Mia the Doula

Postpartum support in Portland, OR

A friend once described the early parenting weeks as “all joy and tears.”

There are too many things to do and not enough people to do them, and often we’re so focused on the baby’s bottomless needs that we neglect our own. A postpartum doula can, in some ways, provide the semblance of a village. Or at the very least, an extra set of hands and a listening ear.

How can I help?

  • Assistance in creating a postpartum plan
  • Supporting physical and emotional healing
  • Lactation and feeding support
  • Newborn guidance: swaddling, bathing, diapering, soothing, feeding, reading cues, etc.
  • Light housekeeping
  • Listening with kindness
  • Connection to local Portland resources
  • Support via phone/text during care

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About Mia

I’m an artist and a mom of two wild boys and I’m passionate about postpartum health and emotional wellness. I’m also studying to become a postpartum nurse. I have personal experience with labors that didn’t go according to plan, tongue ties, pelvic floor dysfunction, and postpartum OCD, as well as boundless joy over my kids, learning to love the chaos, and seeing the humor in it all. Finding community and asking for help got me through the early months and inspired me to give others the same care and attention I was lucky to receive.

I completed doula trainings with Cornerstone Birthworker Trainings and MotherTree, and am certified in adult and pediatric first aid and CPR.

"When our twins were born Mia knew exactly how to support us in a way that was so helpful, yet not intrusive. She knew what tasks needed doing that I couldn’t get to, always made sure I had a tall glass of water and snacks for breastfeeding and was willing to listen to all my woes and processing of my birth experience with empathy and no judgement. As a mom herself who has gone through this tender transition, she is an excellent doula."  — Heather M.